You're being compared - instead of being chosen. Is your estate agency better - or worse?

Because every vendor thinks you're a commodity.

Give them the facts and figures.  They will doze off.

Advertise all you like.  They will ignore you.

Social media?  For those with a ridiculously short attention span.

Vendors aren't buying your agency's services. They are buying your character.

And if you don't share that with them, they will instruct someone who does.


So, you need to stop selling. To stop advertising.


And, above all, to stop being so 'needy'.

It's Time To Reflect Your Unique Persona.


One that has instant recognition.

One that is clear, concise, distinct.

Original and engaging.

You ​have ​to bring your whole self to the ‘game’ if  you want to flourish, prosper and stand-out in  the world today.

You can no longer hide behind the safe and secure corporate brand.


"Survey of 395,000 consumers around the world finds cynicism at an all-time high; less than half of brands are seen as trustworthy and 75% could disappear and would be easily replaced.  71% have little faith that brands will deliver on their promises. "  - Havas Report 2021


Sharing your unique persona isn't about the highest number of 'likes' on social media. 

It's not a competition to see who can be the most visible. Or, the most outrageous.

It's about sharing your values, beliefs and convictions of the world that you inhabit.  The good & the bad.

Creating affinity and connection. Standing out.


So you don't have to compete.

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story” - Mary Lou Kownacki.

Allowing others to understand your persona requires the courage to be imperfect.

To risk not appealing to everyone.

Being relevant not to the most people.

But to the right people. Better clients for your agency.


I can help you do that.


"I am a raving fan of Chris Arnold - David Turnbull, eXP Devon

"I cannot seem to find the right words to express. I thank you so much."  - Mary Harding, Connecticut Realtor.

" I doff my cap - these letters are brilliant and I feel articulate 'me' extremely well. I love them."  - Simon Taylor.

So I uncover your best ‘voice’ and share it with those who have a similar mind-set.

Articles and stories that turn readers into customers.

Then, you don’t have to compete.

They’re already ‘sold’.

It’s not a quick fix solution. You have to crawl before you can walk.

You have to take 'baby steps'.

To grow in confidence.

But then what’s possible is that you end up having a role that’s one-of-a-kind.

One that you truly love.

Unique and brilliantly you.

Anything Else?

Well, there’s the cost. It’s very straightforward.

£1200 per month.

I write your articles. At least one each week. Building your personal brand in your local community. The first month is intensive. Uncovering your core values and deciding just how transparent you're prepared to be.

Try it.


No contract. A digital handshake, if you will.

Because it's based on relationship.  Not sales.

Cancel anytime.

Or, stay until you can walk alone.


For that, we need 30 minutes of your time. ​Every week, on Zoom/WhatsApp, or phone. It's how relationships build and strengthen.

To find out the ‘tone of voice’ that becomes the template for every communication with your clients.

Demanding, supportive, brash, curious, detailed, practical?

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that this is the authentic you.

Our words. The story that only YOU can tell.


If you’re into attracting as many warm leads as possible into your sales funnel.  Intent on maximising web traffic and conversion rate.  With little interest in who these 'leads' are.

This is most definitely not for you.  We're not a good fit.

There’s plenty of sales ‘gurus’ more than willing to lead you down that particular rabbit hole.

There is a freedom, however, that comes from discovering your true ‘voice’.

Rather than saying what you think the client wants to hear.

It’s infectious.

If you’re ready to make your competitors irrelevant.

Ready to be that inspiring ‘voice’.

We’re here to help you do just that.