I'm Chris Arnold - I've been preaching about Personal Brand for the past five years, but there's still so much confusion and negativity about the term.

Some consider it reputation - it's not. Others consider a steady stream of lifestyle content - it's not that, either.

Then there are those that imagine it the glitz and glamour of  social media  - let those 'kids' have their 15 minutes of 'fame'. That's NOT Personal Brand, that's micro-celebrity.

Those that haven't the courage to be transparent reject it.



"Chris Arnold is the KING of Personal Branding."  - Christopher Watkin.


Personal Brand is High Transparency - a deep dive into character.  Not how much you know, but whether you are worth knowing.

The world is changing fast and it won't be the most experienced or knowledgeable that succeed but the most trusted.

Too many overvalue what they do and undervalue who they are.

Don't make that mistake in your business.

That's not to say that corporate brand has lost its way, but people need to know Who is behind the brand and what they value.  If you don't show up, don't expect an easy ride, even if you have deep-pockets.


I have a crystal-clear vision of how Personal Brand will amplify your company's message. Allowing it to stand out rather than to fit in.


This is no improvement offer on what you've already got - it's a new opportunity to make real and lasting impact on the communities you seek to serve. Attention and engagement is our currency.


Here's my question, though:  Do you fear the future, or do you have faith in the future?


If it's fear, that will typically stop you moving forward.  Meaning you cling to the past. Looking at your competition and reacting to how they think and what they do.  Hoping you can out-perform them.


Faith in the future is inspiring. More so when you are creating it and not reacting to it.

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and make it the business it should always have been.


To schedule a call, this is how to reach me:  (mob): 07369251435