Supermodel – Final Answer?

Supermodel – Final Answer?

Supermodel - Final Answer?

It's fantasy. The dreams of many modern men; to be in a relationship with a supermodel. And for many modern girls - to have similar perceived outward beauty of those models.

A fantasy, endlessly plugged and played out on social media. Fame & fortune.

There's a downside to all of that.

Competition, for starters. Being constantly compared. Too-fat, too short, too edgy.

Short-lived, no job security, loneliness. Perhaps that's why they never smile.

Seeking perfection often leads to unhappiness.

"Fame, puts you there where things are hollow."  David Bowie

Warm, sensitive and caring - is often what we seek in a relationship with others. For good reason.

It feels 'safe' and 'comfortable'. An inner beauty that is never superficial.

For others, dynamic, fun, talkative - still authentic. Different and imperfect, but not contrived.

Perfected and polished, however, is what many estate agents/realtors seek - the supermodel playbook.

More "awards", bigger market share, more branches, better marketing, "local property expert", greater experience, 5 star social media approval, "passionate" and professional. Strutting their stuff down the high-street catwalk. Or 30 seconds of 'fame' on TV.

Hoping to convince and convert with their ostentation and self-assurance. The supercar to match the supermodel image. The gym bunnies, looking toned and buffed. Suited and booted. Perma-smile in place. What's not to like?

It's an image - that's what not to like.

Carefully crafted, but here's my point - is it authentic? We don't know.

It's an image that can be easily replicated. A touch of cosmetic surgery, a few edits to the micro-celebrity story.

But like the supermodel image, one lacking transparency and depth.

It's depth that most find attractive. Getting to know someone. Feeling a connection. Building a sustainable relationship.

That's when we start to lower our guard, to feel less threatened.  To become more transparent of ourselves.

In praise of the Ordinary Realtor was my post from March 2020.

In which I wrote about the shame-based fear of being ordinary.

In those ensuing four years, I've come to realise that everyone is extraordinary. As human beings.

That's what we search for - character, not micro-celebrity.

"Narcissism is the most shame-based of all personality disorders. Narcissism is not about self-love at all. It's about grandiosity, driven by high performance and self-hatred. I define it as the shame-based fear of being ordinary."  - Brené Brown.

Warm, caring, creative, loyal, patient, curious, reliable, brave, calm, energetic - the list of adjectives describing our humanity is long.

The question, though, is why we choose to focus on our competence instead of our character.

Why we choose image instead of discernibility.

For the same reason that supermodels never smile - the smile would distract from the clothes.

The competence distracts from the character.  That it is deliberate should raise a few concerns.

The Best realtor, or the Most Trusted Agent?

Few would choose the former.

In an industry that is ranked bottom-three of Trusted Professions, the 'best agent' still doesn't set the pulse racing.

That spot is reserved for the 'most trusted'.

It's a spot that is still open. Question is - have you got the courage?

I know of a few agents that have the courage to be transparent - it makes them vulnerable but it also makes them stand out.

Personal Brand is essential to build credibility - not as a realtor, but as a human being, intent on serving the community with love.

Here's how to reach me if you have that courage:

Mob: (44) 07369251435


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