The Story That No Other Can Tell.

The Story That No Other Can Tell.

Wake up time?

2.30 a.m. since you ask.

Prayer time?

2.45 a.m.


3.40 - 5.15 a.m.

Pick the kids up from school?

3.00 p.m.


7.30 p.m.

And in between all of that, he manages to fit in a little golf, family time, meetings and more.


A story in itself, but not the one that hits home.

That story would be the one of a 13 year old addicted to cocaine, from the roughest district of Boston.

Who, at 16, beat up two men so badly that he was charged with attempted murder.

Served time for his guilty plea to assault.

Was then an original member of a successful boy band.

Calvin Klein For Men underwear model.

Made his acting debut in 1993 before going on to star in nearly 50 movies.

For those impressed by fortune and fame, he earned $68 million last year.  Enough to easily afford the private jet.

For me though, what stood out in the riveting article by Helena de Bertodano in this Saturday's Times was this reference to his professionalism:

 "It's important to always be on top of it.  I make sure I'm more prepared than anyone else."  - Mark Wahlberg.

The story that no other can tell.

Prior to my reading, Mark Wahlberg was just another good actor.  In films that didn't much interest me.

Now, he's interesting.  To put it mildly.

And memorable.

Shared values, beliefs & convictions.  Take from it what you will.

But the power of story to change beliefs is one of life's blessings.

Mark Wahlberg could have told a different story.

But in telling that story, he didn't avoid the truth.

There is ,however, huge risk in such openness.

But if you do avoid the truth, in order to maintain a reputation or brand, someone at sometime will use it against you.

Far better tell the story that only you can tell.  In the way you want it told.

Let's put that into the context of estate agency.

What's the story?

Most times there isn't one.

Other than some self-congratulatory posts about how successful the month has been.

How many likes and followers were added.

If there is, it's more likely to be about how poor the competition were and how this agency saved the day.

For a grateful vendor who sent chocolates.

Excuse me for thinking this, but is that the best you or your agency can come up with?

Microsoft data suggests that our attention span is now 8 seconds.

Wait.  Come back.

You will have to do better than a photo of your negotiator with a bottle of vino.

The world is full of people who want to be heard.  But how many are actually saying something worthy of our time?

The one story that you won't want to tell, though,  is that of tragedy.

"One upon a time, there was an ambitious young estate agent who didn't...………..The End.

A story isn't just something that happened.  It's a tension between success & failure, between potential & missing opportunity.

Between frustration & success.

You're already living that life.

Now is the time to tell it.

"Become the best storyteller."   - Chris Sacca (Billionaire Investor)

Story forms the basis of either your Personal Brand, or Corporate Brand.

One you can hide behind.  Safe in the knowledge that your deepest fear will remain hidden.

The other?

Will set you apart as someone different.

Thanks for reading.

If I can help start your journey as a storyteller, do get in touch.  There's no time like the present.








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