The Menu Decides The Choice.

The Menu Decides The Choice.

The menu decides the choice.

A common expression amongst magicians.

Who only provide the options that deliver their end result.

“Choose a card.  Any card.”

“Was that your card?”













It’s more relevant now than ever.

Options presented for Brexit being ever more curtailed.

“My deal, No Deal, or No Brexit.”

Offering limited options is the bedrock of manipulation.

In estate agency, a fixed fee.  Payable up-front.

Or, a % commission.  Payable on completion.

There were spin-offs from these two choices.

A fixed fee.  Payable on completion, but tied to a credit agreement that was repayable after ten months.  Regardless.

Sliding scale fee.  Results driven.

The end result delivered?

The vendor’s decision will likely be based on fee.

Not on which agency is best.

What, then, is your menu?

Said differently, what choices do you offer any vendor?

On the menu today, we have a tasty dish of humble pie. Our estate agency is desperate for the instruction. And grateful.

We’ll agree that your own valuation, whilst a tad optimistic, is achievable.

Or, there’s the ever-popular fixed-price menu.  And a all-you-can-eat for a fiver menu.

Both bargain basement fare.  But who cares as long as it doesn’t make you ill. It’s fast food.

Or, Five Star service that verges on the obsequious.

How about, our ‘chain’ offers the same ‘real-meal deal’.  No matter the location.

Estate agency gets the vendors it deserves.

Focus on the fee and your agency will attract bargain-hunters.

Focus on valuation and vendors driven by greed will appear.

The 5 star service?

Will bring demanding vendors.

The menu decides the choice. 

There’s one thing, however, that every vendor is looking for.

It’s nearly always off the menu.

The Special of the Day.


Offer this ‘dish’ and there will be a rush of takers.

It’s what the ‘trade’ call a sharing plate.

Not about sharing your brand.

But about sharing your values.

And because it’s nearly always off the menu, estate agents increasingly fail to make the offer.

Relying instead on side dishes.

Charming, agreeable, likeable, personable and caring.  Nice, even.

Admirable in themselves.  But not something to get excited over.

Not something that truly resonates. Or connects.

Affinity is always worth offering.

Even though it takes longer to prepare.

It requires only a few basic ingredients.

All of which, every agent has in their larder.

Transparency. Authenticity. Integrity. Congruence. Integrity.







The choice?

Whether to put that on the menu.

Or, to stick with the bland, boring, staple diet served by every competitor in town.

Whether to wonder, hopefully, if anyone will turn up without a reservation.

Or, to have a line of eager customers that have heard the rumour.

There’s a new kid on the block.

You really should see what they’re offering.

Those basic ingredients combine to make a unique offer that only you can make.

No other has your authenticity.

Your transparency.  Integrity. Or congruence.

You may not be to everyone’s taste.

But you will be different.

And interesting, to those that find affinity on your menu.

Leave affinity off the menu?

You’re just another estate agent.

Instead of what you could have been.

Someone worth talking about.











Developing a Personal Brand isn’t easy.  Often, it can be scary.

But there are those looking for someone just like you.

An agency, just like your agency.

Don’t make it hard for them to find you.

And when they do?

Don’t be just another estate agent.

You’re better than that!

























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