It’s Not Estate Agency – It’s Art.

It’s Not Estate Agency – It’s Art.

It's not estate agency - it's art.

Two of the most recognisable artists in the world today.

Even if you know nothing of art, there's a reasonable chance that you could name both artists.

One uses humour and wit in his art, to trick viewers into considering the underlying seriousness of the message.

Producing some of the world's most controversial and powerful art.







The other, someone who revolutionised the perception of art, using iconic items, celebrities & fictional characters in a visually stimulating way.  A step-change from the dreary abstract impressionists of the time.

Banksy. And Andy Warhol, of course.

There's no need for a name or label to be attached.

The style of each artist is synonymous with their entire canon of work.

Whether it be Marilyn, Campbell's Soup, a Cocoa Cola Bottle.  The workman taking one of the stars off the E.U flag, a girl hugging a bomb, or the Port Talbot depiction of brazier ash covering a girl at play.



Can that be said of any estate agency, or realty firm today?

Take the name off the For Sale Board, or website and is it still recognisable?  For me, not even Re Max achieves that goal.

There's no message.  No congruent statements.  No 'voice' that says 'this is what makes us different.'

Just a logo, a phone number,a primary colour, a bunch of words strung together. Doing the very minimum that they need to do.

It's a wasted opportunity.

What if your estate agency was recognised for its work. Without ever putting a name to it?

Inspiring blog posts. Entertaining podcasts. Memorable videos.  Surprising facts on the About Us page of your site.

A cast of characters from the humble receptionist to the effervescent valuer. Each with a story to share. Stories, to which, vendors might relate.

Instead, what we get is a mask of anonymity. Afraid to reveal too much, lest the potential client doesn't approve.

What are you? A man or a mouse?

Passionate, you say.

Without ever telling us why.

It's going to take a massive shift to move from the dull & dreary persona that is estate agency.

It needs doing.

Estate agency needs shaking up. The people within it need to be recognised for who they are.

Not what they do.

That's the only way to make connections.

To build an audience that allows you to make mistakes. To be flawed.

But, to be worth knowing.

Christopher Watkins shared a video recently featuring Gary Vaynerchuk.

His best piece of advice?

Start your own media company.

There's no limit to the content that you can share. If, you own the platform.

So, it's not estate agency.

It's art.

The art of creating your persona. Amplifying the character that is uniquely you.

Making it different. Making it stand out.

"It's none of their business that you have to learn (to write), let them think that you were born that way."  - Ernest Hemingway.

You were born that way. All you have to do is piece it all together and share what's important.

Personal brand is, as Sean Newman said recently, " the single biggest opportunity in estate agency today."
















It's the only way to get off the hamster wheel.

Thanks, as always, for reading.  It's very much appreciated.

I'm happy to advise on Personal Brand & Story, if you need help.  It's always free.

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