Starting With Lead Generation Leads To Failure.

Starting With Lead Generation Leads To Failure.

Starting with lead generation leads to failure.

People tell me No - What do I say?

People will tell you No.

Not because your product/service isn't any good.

Or, because it was more expensive than the competition,

Or, because you didn't explain the features & benefits.

Not even because you didn't overcome their objections.

And certainly not, because your 'close' was weak.

It's because of something they won't ever tell you to your face.

Let's not hesitate.

They will tell you No - because they didn't like you enough.  That simple.

Of course, you could be that "charming estate agent" referred to in the Christopher Watkin interview with agency trainer, Richard Rawlings.

Always be charming. 

"As long as you are the professional, err, the expert, they know your'e the expert and if you can combine that expertise on the one hand with charm on the other, why would they not appoint you?"

" What does charming look like? asks the host.

"it doesn't mean being obsequious and telling them what they want to hear. It just means not being aggressive. So, closing doesn't have to be aggressive, you know.

Bullish? Yes.

Arrogant? No.

Confident? Yes".

Courses are evidently available on how to present as "charming".

Let me know how that works out for you!

I prefer to side with the luminous words of writer, Cole Schaffer.

"Too many marketers are obsessed with being the most popular guest at the party --- the pretty-faced, pearly-teethed gal or guy that is always perfectly agreeable.

And herein lies the problem...folks don't remember agreeable.

They remember bold. 

They remember candid. 

They remember witty. 

They remember polarizing.

But, they sure as hell don't remember agreeable".

When every agent/realtor is trying their best to be 'charming', they don't stand out.

They have to rely on the ASK.

Which is why they hear the word, No, so often.

Let's rewind to the start.

Because that's where your rejection starts.

Lead generation leads to failure.


Because it's two strangers at the dance.

Never knowing enough about each other to be themselves.

Awkward.  Hesitant. Suspicious, even. On the part of the homeowner.

Stilted, trepidatious, affected.  On the part of the agent.

So they fill the conversation with 'small talk'.

personal brand

About the market. About comparable homes.  About the service. About the marketing. A few questions they've been coached to ask, in order to uncover the desires. How sweet!

Without ever getting down to the real question:  Are we a good fit?  Has this a future?

Keeping each other at arms length until someone, usually the agent, makes the first move.

"Mr. & Mrs. Vendor, will you be making a decision based on things that the agent can control, like their marketing, like their database, or will you be picking an agent based on things the agent can't control - like the price in the market?"

Here's what the homeowner is thinking: "Mr. Estate Agent, I have no idea whether you are a good agent, or not. I have no idea whether it's an accurate valuation, and whether you really do have buyers waiting. I've only your word for almost everything you say. I'm going with my intuition.  Do I like you? Or, do I better like some other agent?  It's hard to tell at the moment."

Here's what the homeowner says:  " We've got other agents to see - we'll let you know."

What a waste of everyone's time!

Here's the alternative vision.

The agent is very well-known in the local community. He is charismatic rather than charming. He's got a bit of an ego - the result of an over-riding sense of being certain. He is kind, considerate and reassuring. He's a snappy dresser and equally competent with his words.  Two kids, the daughter - very much a 'daddy's girl.  The son, a chip of the old block.  Both, bright as new buttons and equally at ease in the spotlight.

He's invited to appraise and when he knocks on your door, it's not a stranger standing there.  It's someone you know.

His values and beliefs. How he conducts himself. His strengths as well as his weaknesses.

An open book!

Who you gonna trust? Who gets your vote?  The charming stranger who is there simply to sell you her real estate services? Because she heard you described in unflattering terms as a 'hot lead'?

Or, the agent who has already sold you himself?

My money's on the latter!

Here's a question:

Given the choice, which has more appeal?

Fifty hot leads of homeowners looking to sell in the next month?

Fifty members of an audience that follows your content, anticipates hearing from you and engages with your communications, even though they have little thought of moving any time soon?

The former is purely transactional business. Anybody with a warm pulse. Some leads you win, some you lose.

The latter? Those fifty 'raving fans' will tell their friends. And pretty soon, you won't need leads. You will need to find a way to let them down gently, as they try to close you, instead of you....

Starting with lead generation in mind almost always leads to failure. Someone, somewhere will tell you No.

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got."  - Henry Ford.

That purgatory of inadequacy and endless comparison.

Starting with an audience in mind and sharing your personal brand brings an altogether different response.

All it takes is for you to reject the things that aren't working and replace them with something better.

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