Making ManKind.

Making ManKind.

Making Mankind.

"I can see him. He was the type of guy men want to be around. 'Cause he has integrity, you know. He has character. You can't fake that. He's the guy women want to be around too - cause there's tenderness in him. Respect. Loyalty. Courage. And women respond to that. Makes him a terrific husband, this guy.  And seeing him as a father, that's where he really shines. When he looks in his kids eyes and this kid knows that his dad really sees him. Sees who he is. And this child knows that he is an amazing person. He's quite a guy. Who I'll never get to meet. I wish I had."  

Robin Williams in the beautifully inspiring film "What Dreams May Come", reading the obituary as he imagines what his teenage son would have become.

There are so many options available, these days, to the male of the species.

Easy choices and not so easy.

We can choose to live in a toxic culture of dominance, power, aggression. Perpetuating the myth that we need to act tough. To be physically strong, emotionally detached and behaviourally selfish. A world that rejects anything feminine such as showing emotion. The construct that men must work toward obtaining power and status in order to gain respect. The job title and the 'toys for the boys' that go with it.

On the flip side, the woke world of today has transformed the middle ground of masculinity into an apprehensive wreck. Uncertain what action to take lest they be accused of sexual harassment, mental health issues or child abuse by modern-day society. The kind male is, today, wary of being kind.

Various studies conclude that there are even four power struggles within the male gender itself: Hegemonic, Complicit, Marginalised and Subordinate. The former being the most widely recognised.

What can men do to reduce toxic masculinity? Assuming they recognise the need.

Urban Balance, a Counselling Service gives this advice to men:

"Stop trying to be masculine. Masculinity is something that society invented to dictate how males should act in their everyday lives.

Learn to vulnerable. Being vulnerable does not have to equate to weakness. In fact, it is very healthy, displays emotional maturity and shows confidence in one's true self.

Educate other males and lead by example."

Well meaning but limited advice. I believe the first suggestion is impractical. Those that have been raised in a culture and family of masculinity will simply not TRY to stop.

Learn to be vulnerable is asking a lot of toxic male, whatever age, when they even can't accept it as a courage.

Educate other males is getting nearer but not quite.

Defining what the role and characteristics of Male is in society should be our first task in finding equilibrium.

A task that looks set to be defined by a new venture, Minute Man, launched by Cliff Findlay.

Making Mankind.

Making Man Kind.

This, extracted from the Manifesto makes perfect sense.

"A strong network of men willing to redefine and stand for the masculine energy on this planet."

Masculine energy, like that of Feminine energy is not exclusive. We need both to survive and grow. To appreciate the differences and the strengths & weaknesses each gender brings to a harmonious existence.

I've talked about the Yin and Yang of life. Both energies, positive and negative swirling around. Different, but not separate.

Minute Man Manifesto goes on to define their perception of Masculinity:

Powerful, Sensitive, Spiritual, Protective, Self-sacrificing, Knowledgeable, Single minded, Sharing, Trustworthy, Thoughtful, Gentle, Considerate, Loyal, Kind hearted, Loving, Giving.

Can't disagree with any of those character values.

"We protect all regardless of colour, nationality or religion. We see violence as a last resort which if used should only be used in defence. We stand for our values at all times and support other members whenever and wherever possible."

The aim of the group is to protect the community when needed and to enable young males to grow in a responsible environment.

It shouldn't be a power struggle between Male & Female. There's been far too much oppression and lack of diversity in all walks of life. It's not disrespect of the #metoo movement or any association with New Age Men ideology.

It's about acknowledging the strengths each bring to the community and to global consciousness.

Our lives as men grow, our forms take shape, because of a woman's love. Not despite it.

Could you be a Role Model in your community for the Men?

It requires courage to be transparent and unique.

Good communication and interaction. Humility.

If that's you, step forward into helping change our culture. Or step back into the dark ages of division.

The sister site is

"One world, One humanity. No divide."

If you need more details on the Minute Man project, or playing your part in creating a world where their is no division, here is how to reach us:

Gets you straight to, Cliff, the main man.

Mob: (44) 07369251435

Gets you someone called Chris.

Thanks, as always, for reading.











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