What Talent Do You Have That You’re Not Using?

What Talent Do You Have That You’re Not Using?

What Talent Do You Have That You're Not Using?

A seemingly innocuous question that might warrant the flippant response - "None, I'm using them all."

Then, when we dig deeper, we might come to appreciate that our belief could be such - we only a have a few talents.

The easily recognised talents such as that of a scientist, an entrepreneur, a musician or an actor. Then, the less obvious talents such as an ability to converse with strangers. To persevere when others give up. To find clarity in the complex.

There is, however, a full spectrum of talent available to us as human beings that we ignore and which could serve humanity - making the world a better place.

"Who are you not to be great - your playing small does not serve the world."  - Nelson Mandela.

The talent of simply being Nice. Not every has that talent. They have the opportunity but choose something else. Imagine, though, a world full of people being nice. How much easier, joyful, efficient and safe would that world be?

When character comes first and we instinctively know we are safe and can trust another. Or a company.

The talent of niceness isn't widely recognised but nothing is more valuable or appreciated when it is freely given.

Nothing feels better than the addictive hit of dopamine when we help others.

A smile that can lift another's day, or that breaks the tension in an argument.

A small gift to help someone that is struggling to help themselves.

We have been conditioned by society to look after #1. To the extent that we become insular.  The flames of our desire to help are fanned by big events such as Band-Aid, Help The Children and other very worthwhile charities.. Then we forget to be nice until the next time.

Instead of making nice an everyday part of our lives, we get caught up in the minutiae of living.

It's a talent that many are not using - the ability and desire to simply be nice.

So, when I heard about a movement called #niceism.com, I was all ears.

It is a not-for-money foundation. As opposed to a not-for-profit enterprise, or a simple charity, where the CEO, staff and marketing costs get paid before the funds are distributed.

A wonderful guy called Cliff Findlay is doing all of this out of the kindness of his heart.

Someone you probably don't know - but should.

Plenty of talents that you're probably not using right now - but being nice is one of the easiest to re-kindle.

The question again , re-framed - What talents do you have?

I'm a singer/songwriter, I play the guitar, piano, drums. I love my wife and kids. I like my neighbours and respect my boss.

AND, I'm always trying to be nice.

Join the movement. Add nice to your list of many talents.


Thanks for reading. Thank you for being nice.





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