Estate Agents – What’s Your Problem?

Estate Agents – What’s Your Problem?

Estate Agents - What's Your Problem?

Well, if you're a realtor or estate agent, you probably imagine you have plenty. Some significant, others not so much.

Finding more leads, more successfully converting them into instructions, finding the right buyer, hoping they have the finance to complete.

Where best to advertise to get those leads. What to say to get them to convert. Business overheads, staff recruitment & training.

The list seems endless and, at times, a big challenge.

There's ONE problem, though, that needs fixing if all those aforementioned problems are, themselves, in need of fixing.

What's your problem? It's the same problem that faces every agent, every agency -

The industry, as a whole, is one of the least trusted of professions. source: The Havas Report 2021 of Most Trusted Professions.

This 15 year old, respected, annual report found consumers desperately seeking transparency and tangibility - and that brands are coming up short.

  • Cynicism at an all time high, less than half of brands are seen as trustworthy.
  • 71% have little faith that brands will deliver on their promises.
  • 75% of brands could disappear and would be easily replaced.

It gets worse.

The five least trusted professions are politicians, advertising executives, government ministers, journalists and ...... estate agents.

That, right there, is your problem.

Estate agency, a profession being associated with the very worst transgressions of public service. Saved, by the grace of God, from a bottom two spot by those bastions of integrity and virtue; politicians and advertising executives.

Even journalists are more trusted.

What's your problem?

You aren't trusted.

Let me repeat that - You aren't trusted!!!

Now let me say that this is the profession as a whole, not specific agencies. But, by association, your agency is perceived that way. Unless it can differentiate and disassociate itself from the rest.

Homeowners, prospective clients, that are cautious the minute you introduce yourself. Suspicious of your claims to "expert" status. Wondering if the 5 star reviews are fake, or whether the past-client was simply naïve. Curious whether they are being told only half the story. Unsure whether they are making the right choice.

"Not me Guv."

"We're passionate, professional experts, dedicated to our customers, multiple branches and to prove the point, Estate Agency of The Year Gold Award."

"Ain't that enough?"

Nope, not if you need to be trusted.

Trust that comes from transparency. Transparency that makes you vulnerable. Vulnerability that makes you trusted.

Forget awards, forget reputation or marketing skills.

If you're not trusted, convincing and converting potential clients becomes a struggle.

Then, to compound the problem of not being trusted, most estate agents ignore the ONE thing that truly provides a difference and fall back on the traditional but archaic and limited-thinking way of operating  - COMPETITION.

Immediately, keeping their agency caged alongside every bottom-feeding, desperate and predictable agency. The same as; instead of different from.

Incrementally better than instead of remarkably different from.

Pitching pretty much the same information, valuation and fee as the bottom-feeder. Done with Integrity, of course, but who is to say they aren't saying the same of your agency?

Competition is for losers.

The ultimate negative consequence of which is that trust by vendors remains elusive, and agencies become trapped in a commodity for which there is still only ONE solution.

Be different.

So that your agency isn't being compared by homeowners (that have no experience in determining what makes a great agency). No experience whatsoever. Which is how the bottom-feeders succeed in confusing before they convert.

"If you can't convince them, confuse them"  Harry S. Truman

Difference only comes from something that cannot be replicated. Technology, marketing, customer service and expertise are therefore disqualified.

The only difference you have is the people - you, or a team of unique individuals that each have a memorable story to tell.

A team of individual 'superstars', all sharing the same vivid vision and culture.

Known by your community for Who they are, not for what they do.

Personal Brand is the solution.

You don't have to compete because you stand out. You need to be The One & Only.

The Brand Called You Can Set You Free

You don't have to advertise - only to share your unique story.

Think of how much you will save through not advertising.

As you become known for Who you are; for your values and beliefs - the trust starts to spread. From friend to friend; without asking.

It's more than reputation and respect. It's an identity. THIS IS WHO I AM.

Someone well worth getting to know; someone who simply happens to be a real estate agent.

Personal Brand positions you as a Somebody.

That's your big problem - fixed.

Let me know if you're ready to start. Here's how to contact me:

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Stories that inspire; words that persuade. Peeling back the layers on Who you are, rather than What you do. Personal Branding for those with the courage to be transparent.

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