Alter Ego – Will The Real Estate Agent Show Up?

Alter Ego – Will The Real Estate Agent Show Up?

Alter ego - Will the real estate agent show up?

An interesting idea from writer, Tim Denning,  on Medium entitled:

How To Become Insanely Powerful Using An Alter Ego.

You should read it.

Though, in a nutshell, Tim claims that fear disappears with alter ego. When your alter ego is active, you talk to yourself differently. Your physiology is different.  You become that alter ego.

In Tim's case, turns out his alter ego is Tony Robbins.

Much to admire in his excellent article. It ties in neatly with using behavioural profiling to reduce stress and with N.L.P to 'mirror' certain traits.

Way back when I taught golf for a living, I used to profile pupils using DISC and get them to change their behavioural style at will.

The dominant and forceful player would be encouraged, when experiencing stress, to temporarily adopt the compliant behaviour of the precise and detailed player.

It's what Tony Robbins calls pattern-interrupt.

Alter ego has it place.  "Act as if you were" is how some put it.

And, it's something I have seen in estate agency.

Mindset. The power of positive thinking. Crushing it.

For those perhaps lacking in the art of hustle.

Estate agents, however, use the wrong alter ego.

Here's why.

Turning up on someone's doorstep for the free valuation.

Polished and perfected. Prepared. Script rehearsed, as you have been told.

The epitome of a passionate and professional estate agent.

That's not the 'real' YOU.

That's your alter ego.

Here's the problem.

Vendors, on the whole, don't like estate agents.

Not you personally, perhaps, but that is the perception you have to overcome. They don't like what it is that you do and, especially, how many do, what they do.

Adopting the Tony Robbins alter ego, or the Tom Ferry alter ego in estate agency, won't do you any favours.

For most, that will make matters worse.

The hustling sales person.  Every No just that bit closer to a Yes.

The local property 'expert'. Drowning in a sea of information.

The social media celebrity. Plenty of attention, but little in the way of true engagement.

Vendors need the services of an estate agency.

They have little desire to know how well you do your job.

They aren't interested in the local property data that supports your valuation.

Couldn't care less about the metrics that place your agency firmly at the top of the pile.

Apathetic of awards that your agency just won.

Vendors don't want to instruct the alter ego in front of them.

They want the real deal.

They want to know about YOU.

So sell them something that they want to buy.

Vendors are looking for an agent to trust.

Once they know and like them.

Most agents, though, don't get so far as the knowing part.

Hiding behind the corporate brand, they wear a mask of professionalism and sincerity.

Without ever allowing even a glimpse of what lies behind.

Is it an inferiority complex? Aren't they good enough? 

Are they afraid of being transparent?

Or have they been brainwashed into believing that connecting with another human being requires nothing more than conviction and authority?

An airbrushed image that is regularly found on Tinder.

That's the modern estate agent.

The pseudo geniality that reveals almost nothing of interest to the vendor.

When every agent appears like this, is it any wonder that vendors have a hard time choosing one from another?

Every agent saying the same things.  Quoting nearly the same fees.  And providing a valuation that is often, at best, a shot in the dark.

If Tim Denning is to be believed and using an alter ego is insanely powerful, make sure that you choose one that no other can choose.

Make your estate agency about YOU.

" While you might sell a commodity, you are unique as a company & certainly as a person. And that uniqueness is worth paying for."  - Oren Klaff.

When you're not trying to hide away the real version of yourself, that's when you find a way to connect. That's when vendors really get to know you.

That's the best place to start.

Tell them how you started. Your origin story.

Why you believe in what you do.

Your values & team culture.

That small part, alone, is more than enough to differentiate.


Slowly at first and then suddenly, you start to build an audience.  You start to gain attention for who it is that you are - not for what you do.

And when that audience sticks around, as they will, you no longer need the crutch that is your alter ego. They would miss you if your were gone.

You have value in just being you. Let that show. That passion delivers value enough for most people.

So, will the real estate agent stand up?

Or, will the alter ego again lose the day?

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