The Stoic Estate Agent.

The Stoic Estate Agent.

The Stoic Estate Agent.

It's wondrous where a lack of knowledge can take one.

Listening to a recent Tim Ferris podcast, I'd heard the word, of course, but wasn't exactly clear on the meaning.

A quick check on Merriam Webster's and my curiosity sated,

But down this particular rabbit hole I ventured and found so much to admire and provoke.

Stoicism, a  moral philosophy incorporating a set of principles/values from ancient Greece that emphasize the discipline and mastery of emotions.



The desire for pleasure.  The fear of pain.

I'd ventured into and qualified in DISC behavioral profiling quite a few years ago, but this -  this was an altogether more fascinating subject.

What's it to do with estate agency?

Well, if you've read some of my previous posts, you might know that I am a firm believer in character over competence.  For differentiating the commodity that is estate agency.

Find a vendor that not only knows, likes, but trusts and, as a realtor, you're half way there.

The problem, though, is that realtors/agents aren't willing to share their emotions.  They hide behind the mask.

"What's that got to do with selling homes?"

Everything, it turns out.

There should be emotion in every message that your agency puts out.

Data doesn't drive change.  Emotion does.

Turning scepticism into belief.

Excitement - "You'll love this..."

Fascinating - "we're introducing.."

Gratification - "You're getting a gift..."

Achievement - "You've won..."

Exclusivity - "Just for you..."

Luck - "It's your lucky day..."

Gratitude - "You deserve this..."

Safety - "You're in good hands..."

Intimacy - "Get to know us better..."

Curiosity - "Guess what...?"

Encouragement - "Almost there..."

Challenge - "Are you getting the best...?"

Guilt - "Don't miss out..."

Anxiety - "Don't forget that..."

Urgency - "This offer ends..."

Those messages gain the attention.  Anybody can do that.

Especially if you have deep pockets.

But then, it's time to get enrollment.

Them, signed up to your values and beliefs.

Except you haven't told them anything, of who you are.

Only about what you do and how you do what you do.

You left them to guess the rest.

So guess they will.

Sometimes wrongly.

But if you told them of your values?

Of the values that matter most?

They would be in no doubt.

And that's where stoicism comes in.


There are a dozen principles, or virtues, that make up the stoic philosophy.

Some you'll agree with.  Some not so much.




Courage.  The courage to say what needs to be said.  The courage to be different.

Temperance.  Restraint or moderation. The desire to rapidly scale your business, when it might be better to not.

Liberality.  Unselfish, philanthropic. You've got a big heart (haven't you?).  Let them see that in you.

Magnificence.  A certain joie de vivre. That's hard to hide if you've got it.

Pride.  There's nothing wrong with being proud. Of any of these virtues.

Honour. Incorporating my favourite principle of integrity. Of course, all agents do the right thing! Don't they?

Good Temper.  Level headed. When things don't go your way.

Friendliness.  Every agent's go-to virtue. Sometimes it's simply not enough to get them to like you.

Truthfulness.  The valuation conundrum. Should I tell them what they want to hear?

Wit.  The capacity for inventive thought and quick understanding. Worth cultivating if you're lacking.

Friendship.  Not the 'friends' on Facebook, but those that really do care what you have to say.

Justice.  Impartiality, fairness. Morally correct behaviour or thinking. That's a tough one in real estate.

The attachment to any of these principles forms the basis for who you are and what you become.

When people see those principles exemplified in your behaviour, it's a cue for them to align. Or not.

My point is that it's never a good idea to let vendors guess your character.

Spell it out for them.

If you have the courage.

So, the stoic estate agent is more than just an estate agent.

The stoic estate agent makes it easy for the vendors to care.

Makes it easy for them to feel something.

Make it easy for them to give this stoic estate agent their instruction.

Every other agent has your competence.  Some, more so.

Not one.  Has your character.

For vendors, that's value enough.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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