The Intriguing Estate Agent.

The Intriguing Estate Agent.

The Intriguing Estate Agent.

One of my core values is curiosity - it leads me down multiple 'rabbit-holes' from philosophy and spirituality to inventors such as Nikolas Tesla, physicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and amazing storytellers like Mitch Albom.

I'm broadening my mind with a hope of understanding different perspectives and perceptions of this world.

I've led, intellectually,  a very sheltered life that's about to change.

What started out as curiosity, then led to intrigue and, with those aforementioned, fascination.

I'm fascinated by What they know, particularly by Who they are and to a lesser extent, How they arrive where they are.

What they know is intriguing - Nikola Tesla, dubbed as "The man who invented the 20th Century" was a contemporary of Thomas Edison.

Tesla was smarter than Einstein because he could speak 8 languages and had an IQ of 187 compared to Einstein's IQ of 160.

But, for me, Who Nikola Tesla was is fascinating, not simply intriguing.

A modest man, with a keen sense of humour. Softly-spoken and introvert, he would often use poems as illustrations for the story. Signs of OCD appeared in 1917 when he became obsessed with the number 3. He, along with Einstein, had Dyslexia. This extraordinary person managed to steel himself to become a less emotional person, devoting his life to work instead of relationships.

We can't all be as smart as Tesla, or as inspiring with words like Albom, or as famous as Einstein- but we can be the intriguing estate agent within our close-knit community.

If we have any interest in being seen as interesting. Many don't have that desire.

Realtors, especially, will run in the opposite direction when character is under discussion.

For as longs as I can remember, estate agents have avoided scrutiny of character. It's not been a topic of conversation. Many will claim they simply aren't interesting - but that's simply not the case.

What isn't interesting is how well they do what they do. The obsession with competence and the misguided competition to be "the best".

It might be fooling them but it ain't fooling their prospective clients. Nobody cares how well you do your job if they don't trust you to put their interests ahead of your own.

Only character ticks that little box.

Bernie Madoff, Jeffery Epstein, Freddie Mac accounting scandal, Charles Ponzi, Enron, Jordan Belfort - all seemingly pillars of the business world, with competence shining every minute of the day. Many lived to regret ever knowing them.

Here's the thing - if you're not prepared to be transparent and to shine at least a little light into Who you are, I'm assuming the worst.

If you have a problem with stating your values, beliefs and convictions, I'm assuming you're keen to blend in to the background - a bit like a smoke alarm. Nothing wrong with that, just don't complain when others, more transparent, are chosen.

Your competence isn't unimportant - it's just not most important.

Personal Brand shines that light on Who you are. A brilliant, inspiring, ambitious, caring, bold, brave, nurturing, sincere work of art? Someone that we haven't yet got to know, but now, thankfully, can.

Personal Brand starts with self-awareness. Choosing five or so core values that matter most to you. The reasons why those values matter.

Then, wrapping story around each value. So that every future piece of content from you is congruent with those values.

The fakes are easy to spot - those that say one thing and do another.

Over a period of time, sometimes short, sometimes long, we get to know the person behind the brand.

And find affinity, then connection, trust and finally loyalty.

Isn't that what every agent would choose? Loyal clients that won't consider any other realtor, no matter what the enticement.

Potential clients that wait for the agent to choose them - not the other way around.

If you don't have a Personal Brand; if you think reputation, visibility, brand awareness, lead-gen, hustle and grind will keep you safe, pretty soon you'll discover the reality.

People buy from people they find intriguing, capable & who they trust.

You might get lucky, but not over any sustainable period of time.

The Intriguing Estate Agent? Currently hiding in plain sight.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Here's how to reach me if you're curious.

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Chris Arnold

Stories that inspire; words that persuade. Peeling back the layers on Who you are, rather than What you do. Personal Branding for those with the courage to be transparent.

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