A Simple Message For Boris And Jeremy.

A Simple Message For Boris And Jeremy.

A simple message for Boris and Jeremy.

It’s not about the policy, stupid.

It’s about the Personal Brand.

One has it.

The other doesn’t.

Both, however,  along with their adviser’s, remain convinced that it’s about the policy.

Bringing a storm of negative press that focuses on each’s inability to deliver what they promise.

Bragging, promising and manipulating.

Reminds me very much of estate agency.

“We will deliver Brexit.” said Theresa May over a hundred times.

Before she didn’t.

“We will get you the best offer for your home.” said Purplebricks.

Not actually caring whether they do or don’t, since they get paid, regardless.

If politicians, and estate agents/realtors, insist on making it about policy, they shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t get the vote, or win the instruction, often enough.

It’s very much pie-in-the-sky. Others are making that same promise.

It’s no coincidence that politicians, footballers, journalists and estate agents are the bottom four professions when it comes to trust. (source: Ipsos Mori Poll 2017)

Vendors have a hard time believing what estate agents say.

No matter what they say.

A simple message.

The answer would appear for them to be seen, as something other than an estate agent.

That’s where Personal Brand comes in.


It tells a very different story.

Not necessarily a simple story.

But, a story that only you can tell.

Told well, it inspires and moves homeowners.

Positions you as a person of character and worth.

Who just happens to be an estate agent, or realtor. Or, politician.

Many estate agency brands avoid the harsh truth.

Rely on advertising and manipulation, otherwise known as spin, to succeed.

And some seem genuinely surprised that they aren’t universally liked and trusted.

I’m not sure whether they don’t grasp the implications of there being a lack of trust.

Or simply don’t care.

Either way, those that do care will be the only one’s with a future.

Were Boris & Jeremy to debate character. To defend their core values. To shine a light on their failures, both in a personal and professional context, they would appear more human. More vulnerable. More authentic.

More importantly, it would be them telling their story.

Instead of others.

Max Hastings, in The Telegraph, had this to say of Boris:

” Among the graver of his vices is cowardice.”

Stephen Glover, in the Daily Mail had this:

” Boris’s character, as that of anyone seeking to be Prime Minister, is absolutely our business. The idea that his private life should be a separate moral zone, in which he can operate as he pleases, insulated from our knowledge and judgement, is as ludicrous as it is dangerous.”

Instead of these journalists, less trusted remember than politicians, making insinuations and castigation of conduct and character.  Far, far better it is, that the story that needs to be told, is told by one who knows it best.

This is who I am.  This is what I believe.  I have the courage to be imperfect.

When you’re  not trying to hide away the real version of yourself, most people will respond.

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.”   – Mary Lou Kownacki

Personal Brand, however, isn’t a race for the most ‘likes’ on social media. 

In essence, it’s a living, breathing record of who you were. What made you that way. What changed along the way for the better. The identity that you have crafted over time.

And now wish to share with the audience.

The difference between a good estate agent and a great one is rarely their competence.

It’s almost always how they make others feel.

Earning a living as a realtor, or estate agent doesn’t define who we are.

Personal Brand ticks that box.

If you so choose.

To conclude, an article in The Sunday Times magazine today, by Catherine Wheeler, on the European News at Ten Correspondent, Katya Adler.

” What I find so exciting is that politics is now about gut feeling, about identity, and people are no longer saying , well, I vote for X party because my family have always done so. That’s gone out of the window and parties actually have to work for a vote. They have to convince you that they are the ones who best represent your values and interests.”

Gut feeling? Identity? Values?

It’s the same for estate agents.

It always has been.

A simple message?

I believe so.

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